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Astrofolha classes are divided in three modules. Each cover a different set of skill, from the very beginner to the more advanced, deepening the understanding and practice of astrology. Classes are all online. They are available as individual or small groups mentorships.

ASTROFOLHA BASICS: the Astrological Alphabet   

  1 weekly class (60’) - Complete module: 40 classes

ASTROFOLHA ADVANCED: Basis for Interpretation

   1 weekly class (60’) - Complete module: 24 classes 

ASTROFOLHA MASTER: Astrology Practice

   1 weekly class (60’) - Complete module: 24 classes


the Astrological Alphabet

1 weekly class (60’)

Complete module: 40 classes


Do you feel enchanted with astrology?

Do you want to learn how to understand a chart?

To unravel its codes? Decipher its alphabet?

How about diving into the treasures of this language, beyond superstition and myths and discover what charts can reveal?

I developed the first module, Astrofolha Basics, with the purpose of transforming the fascination for something mysterious, into a real encounter with your individual nature and the dynamics of life itself.



Basis for Interpretation

1 weekly class (60’)

Complete module: 24 classes


The second stage.

An invitation to further develop the language and learn the mechanics of the interpretation of the different planetary configurations.

In Advanced Astrofolha, we also explore the planetary cycles and the impacts of the astrological transits, to understand their effects on the chart.

The module comes packed with information and practices that complete Astrology's exploratory experience.



Astrology Practice

1 weekly class (60’)

Complete module: 24 classes


Are you interested in integrating astrology into your counseling, coaching, therapy practice, or are you aspiring to become a fully developed astrologer?

Would you like to research and teach astrology?

The module aims to support this training and offers a mentorship for your first steps.


Interested in one of these courses?

Get in touch and find out more about available options and prices!

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