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DECEMBER 21, 2020!

A special and awaited date (even if we are not sure why…)


I believe there are many reasons, and here are some of them:


First, because the Earth reaches one of the two most distant points in its annual path around the SUN. Time of Solstice! And the Change of Season!


Also, because the SUN, enters CAPRICORN. A change of Sign and Focus. Time to define, crystallize, bring structure.


But mainly, because JUPITER and SATURN, the great regulating poles of our social experience, come together in a conjunction, a conjunction that happens every 20 years and blends Jupiter’s expansion and Saturn’s contraction to generate the point of balance, the new reference… And this reference, this time around, represents a radical change, a CHANGE of ELEMENTS… from EARTH to AIR!

During the past 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn met in EARTH signs, enhancing essentially the physical, material, objective and concrete aspects of the world we live in….. the world of the many “things”, we know so well. Now the encounters happens in the AIR of AQUARIUS, the dimension associated with Space, Intelligence, the Collective and our sense of Humanity. This is where the new great cycle of  200 years starts…The CYCLE OF AIR.


DECEMBER 21, 2020!

A threshold!

A threshold which effects will be felt in Time…

Meanwhile, we may want to reflect about our desire, and ideas, of “returning “ to some kind of “normality” that we tend to place somewhere in the past. Indeed, the journey may not takes us back but rather move us forward…and fast forward, into the Future, where life awaits with infinite new landscapes.


And to celebrate this new time, nothing better than ART!

Click on the image to view the complete work:

Visit the exhibition in the virtual gallery :

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